Jesus Week @ UCA

‘Jesus Week’ appeared in The Echo University of Central Arkansas Student Newspaper
By Julie Storing staff writer


Jesus Week aims to bring the campus together and spread the gospel. “Every day is Jesus day,” Focus Campus Ministry President junior Kendall Baldwin said to a group gathered around the fountain on April 7. “Every single day is his day because he’s done so much for us.”

In a lead-up to Easter weekend, Focus organized the first annual Jesus Week – a week of different activities to spread the Word of God. The inspiration for the Jesus Week came from both a desire to spread the gospel and to bring the campus community together. Focus adviser Neco Valley said that she was touched by the way the campus pulled together after the recent shooting. “God just kind of gave it to me one day,” Valley said. “I was thinking about the time those two young kids passed and how the campus and Christian community came together. I thought it would be nice to come together in better times.” Focus chose last week not just because of Easter Sunday but also as another way to share the gospel on campus Valley said. Freshman Stacey Payne said: “It’s just another form of praise. He’s down so much for me, so why not just give Him a week out of my time.”

On Monday, Focus members collected prayer requests that students anonymously wrote down on individual cards. “Some of the hurt in the students’ cards is real and touching. We appreciate the honesty,” Valley said. “We had over 100 cards over the course of the week.
The group held praises in the Student Center courtyard on Tuesday during x-period. KUCA played Christian music in the courtyard. On Wednesday, the group members handed out pieces of paper with scriptures on them to students. For Thursday, Focus led a Jesus Walk around the campus, holding colorful signs with inspirational slogans. They ended at the fountain and had a prayer vigil.

“I think this is really a good thing,” Baldwin said. “I think the students were reached by it. During our prayer vigil we had some students come and just watch. They just wanted to come pray with us. It touches a lot of people.”

Valley said that the general student reception was encouraging. “The responses I’ve gotten are pretty positive,” Valley said. “We received minimal negative responses. People who didn’t want a part of it were very polite and just ‘No, thank you.’ It was peaceful and very nice, just like the spirit of Jesus.

Baldwin said students who opposed Jesus Week tore down their signs and erased their sidewalk chalked advertisements. However, he said that most of the students had positive reactions. “Other than that, it wasn’t too bad,” Baldwin said. “Everyone was really acceptant of the event. We had quite a few get involved, not as much as we wanted. We had a lot take prayer requests and take cards.”

Even though they didn’t get quite the number of students involved as they wanted, Baldwin said that their goal for Jesus Week was reached. “No matter how many people are involved, the one thing that makes it successful is that we did what we are supposed to do,” Baldwin said. “The fact that we are doing work for the Lord; it’s not about us, it’s about Him. That’s the whole purpose of the week.

Focus hopes to make Jesus Week an annual event. Baldwin said that he wants to involve the other campus ministries as well. “A lot of the ministries caught what we did this week,” Baldwin said. “I think we will have more ministries getting involved. We have so many ministries; we are all of one accord. We can change so many lives and be such a positive impact. Christ is the way.”

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