helps ministry


Our purpose is to exemplify pure Love. At HORAD Ministries you are ALWAYS welcomed and loved; and that love starts at the door. Our Greeting Ministry is to help our visitors not only feel welcomed and loved but to make them feel like they belong.

Purpose is to help create a warm and welcoming environment. In addition, the team helps create an orderly environment so that every person has an opportunity to worship free from any major distractions. We routinely distribute welcome cards and other information, and assist with offering.

The purpose of this ministry is to care for the needs of the pulpit as well as our pulpit guest during service by providing practical acts of service. We also prepare meals for our guest and the congregation of HORAD. We insure that our guest has a warm and loving stay while visiting HORAD. We are always ready to assist in preparing candidates for baptisms as well as assist deacons with communion, and serve when and where ever needed.

Facility Maintenance Ministry
Purpose of this ministry is for total upkeep of the building maintenance and beautification of our grounds. This ministry assures cleanliness of sanctuary and all other areas of the church as well as maintaining of the grounds

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